Sandee S. Johnson

Classical Renditions

© 2007

Sandee Johnson "Classical Renditions"

Over the years I keep adding to this collection of paintings featuring mixed media objects such as leather, horsehair, musical scores or even parts of instruments. The canvases symbolize the classical music that filters through our lives, leaving us all with unforgettable memories of incomparible sounds. Music, like art, remains a powerful adhesive that brings the human race together in a world where other forms of communication are often missing.…

Sandee Johnson "Classical Renditions"

(To Degas and his Last Twenty Years)
In that dim-lit house the air grows heavier,

An uncertain luminescence slides
Down the balustrade and flickers out.
You ponder the irony of choices never made,
Of eyes fading, of friends gone.
Your mumblings are lost in musical adagios.
Details blur, pigment merges,
Your pastels stroke on empty paper.
Vision narrows, walls rise, the tunes continue.
It's far easier to sit the day darkly,
Humming, singing, moaning
While ballerinas pirouette until you almost go mad.

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