Sandee S. Johnson


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Sandee Johnson "Patterns"

For thousands of years, humans have chosen a code of fashion, manners and morals that differentiate widely between the sexes. Hence, patterns are drawn, shaped and cut into a female’s existence already at birth. Woe to the little girl born fat, ugly or handicapped. Despite unisex trends and so-called equal opportunities, a woman’s body often represents a manikin molded for decoration, a sensuality that cuts across races, rules and creeds, a trophy jewel that is wrapped in either rags or riches.

Sandee Johnson "Patterns"Sandee Johnson "Patterns"

Clothing patterns and the nude figure naturally merge in fleshy tones and vague insinuations. Like birds that fluff their plumage to attract the opposite mate, countless clichés clutter the fashion world. The sheer banality of statements attesting to beauty rather than brains insures that most women will remain in subjugation by sheer infatuation with clothing and the continued propaganda of sex appeal.

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