Sandee S. Johnson


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"Metamorphosis" by Sandee Johnson"Metamorphosis" by Sandee Johnson

As time beats its hasty retreat, the material world evolves or morphs with it. Environmentally conscious but often wasteful, I’ve succeeded in utilizing scraps and throwaways as my primary collage structure. Someone else’s junk functions as my palette as I create shapes that careen in space, twisting or rusting until the entire structure threatens to collapse.

"Metamorphosis" by Sandee Johnson

On other canvases I leave traces of sensuous leather peaking through paint—the inevitable transition from wearable clothing to the trash bin. Surfaces expose multiple layers, like boat hulls or the husks of old walls that change colors with new owners. Addicted to books and ephemera, I also incorporate old volumes into some creations so they live on with a new identity. We are reminded that so much of manmade material fades or disappears as the years gallop by. Just like us.

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