Sandee S. Johnson

Outer Boundaries

© 2007

Sandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries"spacerSandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries"

Unrelenting photographic images merge behind paint to create eerie work that explores a graphic, sometimes disturbing portion of the unknown limits of life beyond the everyday. As if hiding in the fog, gas masks intrude from smoke, faces stare from windows, manikins sway.

Sandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries" Sandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries"

Statues gape, eyes are blindfolded, magicians work their spells and shadows appear menacing. This is not a series for the weak, the decoratively inclined or those art admirers who seek comfort. Each of these is a capsule of mystery, a search beyond the dream, behind the nightmare and into the realm of outer boundaries/limits.

Sandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries"spacerSandee Johnson "Outer Boundaries"

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