Sandee S. Johnson

Jazz Suite

© 2007

Sandee Johnson "the Jazz Suite"Sandee Johnson "the Jazz Suite"

Paint dribbles, splashes or burns
Into incandescent tables jumping with
With brass and piano.
Guitars chirrup beside my brushes,
Flicking their strings with ruthless abandon.
While the notes heave, music shimmers
Into breaths of pearlescent pigments,
Jolting these wrists into conduits.
Narrow passages of cartridge are
Speckled with viridian green praises.
Start, I plead.
Build a canvas worthy of this jazz,
This place,
This need.

Sandee Johnson "the Jazz Suite"Sandee Johnson "the Jazz Suite"

Divided into collages and acrylic paintings, this series explores the moods, the excitement of contemporary as well as traditional jazz with colorful swatches and splashes of acrylic.
The works on canvas are usually quickly executed, vibrating with percussion and brass elements. On the other hand, the collages are built of multiple layers, bouncing with imaginery beats, imaginery music…

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